Through its Conduent Connect portal, Conduent offers human resource management services and many other online business services. It serves many types of organizations around the world, including banking, insurance, finance, healthcare, and governments. Registered organizations can also use the web portal to access other services offered by the company like end-user engagement services, accounting, payroll, registration.


Access to Conduent Connect web portal can provide various benefits for regular users and employees of registered organizations. For example, view current CTC’s, access payslips, and W2 payroll and tax forms. In addition, employees can submit their time off requests via the web portal and track their requests.


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Conduent Connect differs from other online service portals in that it offers job recommendation functions to users. These features include sharing job offers posted on the site by your organization. In addition, current employees have the opportunity to apply for the top positions listed by their company. In addition, the web portal offers a number of other functions, which are described in more detail below.

How To Login Into The Account?

Follow the step-by-step instructions required below.

  • First, use the web browser installed on your device to connect to the Access Manager Conduent Connect web address provided here: https://sso.central.conduent.com/.
  • Now enter the exact username and password in the required sections on the login page.
  • Then click on the login icon in sections of the same page.
  • This web portal now allows you to perform all the functions mentioned above.


Conduent Employee Portal Problems.

It is common for users of the FEPS driver to encounter technical difficulties. It is usually possible to avoid these problems by following the solutions provided below for each problem.

  • A DNS failure has occurred
  • Resulting in the screen becoming unresponsive
  • Resulting in a loading error
  • Identification error

It is important that users remember that if they enter incorrect credentials twice or more, their web portal accounts will be locked. Thus, you should save your login information securely on your device for later access, and you should check the details for spelling errors before you enter the login page.

In both cases, slow browser performance is to blame. Web browser performance is to blame in both cases. In order to avoid this, we should maintain the best performance possible. Your browser should be updated regularly, you should clear your search history, and your website should be updated regularly.

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