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However, regular users or employees of registered organizations can obtain various benefits by accessing this web portal. Checks, such as the CTC, access to payroll, and W2 forms for taxes and payroll. In addition, the web portal allows employees to submit inquiries online and track their progress.


The Conduent Connect business portal is known for its human resource management services as well as many other business services. It serves different types of organizations around the world, such as banking, insurance, finance, healthcare, government, etc. Organizations registered on this platform can also access other services offered by the company through the web portal.


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Unlike other online service portals, Conduent Connect mainly offers job recommendation functions to its users. This also includes exchanging job postings that your organization has posted on the web portal. In addition, current employees can apply for the best vacancies in the company. In addition, the web portal offers many other functions, which are explained in more detail in the following article.

Steps For Conduent Connect Login

This way, you access your account on the Conduent Connect Login portal ( without any problems and with success. Follow the step-by-step instructions required below.

  • First, use the web browser installed on your device to connect to the Access Manager Conduent Connect web address specified here:
  • Now enter the exact username and password in the required sections on the login page.
  • Then click on the login icon in sections of the same page.

You can now perform all the functions listed above in this web portal.


Requirements for Conduent Connect Feps Login.

Conduent’s email portal has certain requirements like other online human resource management portals. Facilitate access to the corresponding web portal and its various features. For example,

  • The valid web address of the Conduent Connect login to the online web portal
  • Devices are compatible with the app, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or PCs.
  • Browse the web safely with browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Username (WIN / CID) and password provided by your organization after the selection process.
  • It would help if you also had a stable Internet connection, preferably a WiFi router.
  • Log in to the driver’s account.
  • Current Conduent Connect feps login members can log in to their existing accounts using a single sign-on or the SSO portal. To start the process, you need to follow the steps below.
  • Go to Conduent SSO Access Manager
  • Enter the username linked to your ID or WIN CID
  • Then enter the password associated with your driver.
  • Click “Enter” to continue.

Reset Your Password

Those who have forgotten their password or changed their current password and wish to regain account access can do so by clicking the appropriate link on the central page. You can do this at any time, but it is recommended that you change your password later in the day.

  • To change the password, you must enter your WIN-ID or CID, which is your User ID, and your current password.
  • If you forget the password, you will need to enter your last name and User ID / WIN-ID / CID to start the recovery process. Make sure the last name matches your AIM profile.


  • If you are working remotely, you will need to connect to your VPN to reset the password. Sometimes it can take up to 20 minutes for the password to synchronize with all destinations.
  • For more help, click the user guide link at the bottom of the Conduent Connect Feps password reset portal page.

Conduent Connect Feps Account Access

Conduent Connect feps login provides authorized users with a single sign-on portal to verify their identity and access their existing accounts. Once connected to Driver Access Management, contact the local service again, and you will be able to use the available application.

The individual login ID or SSO system contains confidential, protected, and privileged login information that can only be used for official purposes by

Features Of The Conduent Connect HR Portal

  • Organization news.
  • Single portal for every detail of your organization.
  • Create and manage service requests using tickets for smoother and faster execution.
  • Apply for vacant positions within the organization.
  • Recommend your friends and family for jobs.
  • Payroll management.
  • Leave management.
  • Request a transfer or request a new asset.
  • Book tickets and hotels for a business trip.
  • Organizational information around the world.

Each large company has its own portal for better management of tasks and details, where orders and details are managed centrally. Without these tools, it is impossible for an organization to meet the demands of all employees.

Conductor Connect App

As mentioned, the web portal and its features and functions are listed above. The same portal is also available as a mobile application platform for smartphone users. This app encourages interaction between users and their work and business. As a mobile app, users can now access all Conduent Connect features from anywhere with a stable internet connection and a compatible device.

  • Also, the app does not charge any installation fee.
  • To download the app to their respective mobile devices, please use the official web links.
  • Connect to the mobile app
  • When you log in through mobile apps, here are some things you can check:
  • Determine if the app requires login.
  • open the app
  • Search for login or login button
  • Tap on the ID text field
  • Enter your username
  • Enter your password
  • Tap the connect button  it will connect directly

Connect Mobile App Basics

The one-stop mobile self-service solution integrates and uses all available personal data and employee physical and fiscal well-being information to create employee-specific action plans and messages. And it’s all integrated and easy to use, anytime, anywhere, on any device, and in any language. Ultimately, this hyper-personalized experience leads to greater employee productivity and reduced costs. Life@Work also helps companies expand knowledge through our cost visibility and KPI dashboard with a single view of aggregated career, health, and wealth data, vendor performance insights, and engagement data with modeling capabilities. It also offers the ability to use an integrated workflow with professional development tools, along with learning management systems, succession planning tools, and compensation management to fully manage employees.

Official NameConduent Connect
Managed By Conduent
Mobile AppAvalilable
Type of PortalLogin
Primary ServiceBuisness Services

Benefits For Conduent Connect Employees

Conduent Connect HR offers its employees a range of benefits in over 22 countries. Such as,

  • Insurance plans and dental and ophthalmic assistance coverage.
  • Various health and life insurance to choose from.
  • Home office policy for interested employees ​​due to increased cases and Covid-19 downtime.
  • Stress-free office environment and free meal plans.
  • Bonus programs for top performers.
  • Paid leave, vacation, and also maternity/paternity leave.
  • 401k Employee Pension Plan to save part of your salary in the pension fund or company pension plans.

In addition, the company organizes exclusive programs or events to promote employee retention.


Purpose of Conduent Connect

Conduent Connect Incorporated provides business process services to the healthcare, public and commercial sectors in the United States. Provides payment integrity, support, retention, health risk assessment, claims handling, mailroom and printout services for health payers; Quality and care analysis services and software implementation for hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers, including large healthcare systems; Tax Representative for Medicaid Administration, Pharmacy Services Administration, and Clinical Program Administration for US Government-Funded Medicaid Programs and Health Programs; and inside sales for drug details, clinical trial recruitment, patient access, and drug compliance, as well as compliance solutions for

A Brief History Of Conduent Connect

As one of the world’s largest business process services companies, Conduent Connect delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and government agencies, delivering exceptional results to the customers and the millions of people who trust them. Through people, processes, experience in intensive transaction processing and technologies such as analytics and automation, the services and solutions create added value through greater efficiency.

Reduce costs and enable sales growth. Most Fortune 100 companies and 500+ government agencies trust us every day to manage their business processes and critical interactions with their end-users. With roots as one of the original pioneers of global business process outsourcing, Conduent Connect brings deep and extensive knowledge to a large number of industry segments. Conduent Connect’s business portfolio includes leading solutions in

attractive markets such as customer experience management, transaction processing services, healthcare, and human resources, and learning services. For example, Conduent Connect is one of the leading providers of medical bills.

Conduent Connect’s team manages the audit of 50% of workers’ compensation claims in the United States, saving the clients $16 billion. Among other offerings are market-leading transportation and government solutions, including payments and fees-for example, the systems process over 55% of all nutritional supplements.

Government agencies make SNAP payments on behalf of the public. Conduent Connect creates value for the customers through efficient global service delivery combined with a seamless and personalized end-user experience. Conduent Connect uses Conduent Connect’s expertise, technology, and innovation to continually modernize other offerings to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, increase process efficiency and respond quickly to changing market dynamics.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Conduent Connect web portal, and who can access it?

The “Conduent Connect Login” portal is an online business services management portal designed to provide various services to different types of organizations across the country. Only company employees registered on the platform can access the respective portal.

What technical issues do users encounter in Conduent Connect login?

DNS errors, connection issues, screen freezes, loading issues, connection errors, and troubleshooting issues are the most common technical issues faced by employees accessing the portal via “Conduent Connect Login.”

What are the most popular mobile apps developed by Conduent Connect Company?

Go Way2Go Card Program, Life@Work, Conduent Connect EBT, ExpertPay, PayTrix, Benefit Wallet+, Conduent Connect AR are popular applications developed by Conduent Inc.


At Conduent Connect, they offer a multitude of HR benefits and solutions in the human capital space, addressing a variety of vulnerabilities for clients across multiple industries. Companies manage the different needs of five generations of the workforce at the same time. Health spending continues to increase by 6.5% each year. The virtual office environment has accelerated the need to deliver an improved employee experience that seamlessly balances digital assistance with face-to-face interactions.

For all these questions and more, we bring a wealth of experience to your rescue. We use the HR departments to manage over 100 million employee interactions each year, and their automation can increase the efficiency of HR departments by up to 40%. Overall, Conduent Connect customers experience an 11% reduction in the total cost of health claims through the decision support tools, and Conduent Connect benefits and planning tools have resulted in a 10.5-fold increase in health claims usage and engagement end-users.

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