Businesses and governments use Conduent Connect digital platforms and services every day to handle millions of interactions with the people they serve. We harness the power of the cloud, mobile devices, and IoT combined with technologies like automation, cognition, and blockchain to enhance every interaction and promote modern digital experiences that are more efficient, useful, and rewarding.


Conduent’s differentiated offerings affect millions of lives every day, including two-thirds of all insured patients in the United States and nearly nine million people who travel with toll systems every day. Whether it’s digital payments, claims to process, benefits management, automated tools, customer service, or distributed learning, Conduent serves most Fortune 100 companies and 500+ government agencies. Learn more at www.conduent.com.

The future of the work is to support rapid change, respond to market dynamics, increase employee engagement and increase efficiency. It’s about reducing personnel costs and increasing your return on investment. At Conduent, we are currently leading the future of work in 80 countries and for one-third of Fortune 100 companies, providing critical outsourced HR solutions in the areas of health and wellness, wealth and retirement, education, human capital management, and payroll. Global payout with remarkable results.


At Conduent, we offer a multitude of HR benefits and solutions in the human capital space, addressing a variety of vulnerabilities for clients in a variety of industries. Companies manage the different needs of five generations of the workforce at the same time. Health spending continues to increase by 6.5% each year. The virtual office environment has accelerated the need to deliver an improved employee experience that seamlessly balances digital assistance with face-to-face interactions.

Medicaid Administration, Pharmacy Services Administration, and Clinical Program Administration for US Government-Funded Medicaid Programs and Health Programs; and inside sales for drug details, clinical trial recruitment, patient access, and drug compliance, as well as compliance solutions for